Is there an appropriate age to start Irish Dance?
To register for a beginner class at Hurley, your child must be at least 5 years old by September 1st.  Beginner classes generally have a mix of ages. Tir na Nog (preschool) mini-sessions are also offered throughout the year for toddlers (ages 3-4) who would like to dance.


How often are classes held?
All classes at Hurley run weekly from September through June (see classes page for more details). Beginners attend a weekly 45 minute session. Many different mini-sessions and conditioning sessions are also offered at the studio throughout the year. Summer classes are offered for both new beginners and existing Hurley members.


What is the tuition for Irish Dance?
Tuition is determined by length of class time and amount of classes per week. There are sibling discounts as well. Tuition is paid quarterly. There is an annual family registration fee. For more details on tuition and classes open for registration, please see the registration page. All registration is done online.


What does my dancer need for class?
All beginners must have a pair of softshoes, poodle socks, and a water bottle. Athletic shorts and tops only. No jeans or skirts. Dance shoes and poodle socks can be purchased online, at a dance competition, or sometimes at a local dance store. Hurley also has a google spreadsheet online for our members to sell used shoes and dresses, and very often beginner dancers can buy used softshoes at a great price.


Is my child expected to practice outside of class?
Yes, each class builds on the previous one, and your child is expected to practice at least three times a week outside of class with shoes on, to the music.


Do I need to buy a costume, how much does it cost, and how often will my child use it?
Each year our dancers perform at several local events including parades and competitions. These are not mandatory but are greatly encouraged. If your child wishes to attend the St. Patrick’s Day parades, performances, or competition, they will be required to purchase the beginner uniform. Girls will need the red skirt and shawl outfit (under $100.00 and can often be bought used for under $40.00). Boys will need black dress pants, red shirt, and gold tie. These outfits are considered our starter uniforms and can be worn multiple times throughout the year.


If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.